Rain Check Policy

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We all know rain and racing do not mix. We will try to run our racing events as planned, however, sometimes weather is beyond our control. If a race is called due to Mother Nature (rain, wind, ect.) the following policies will apply:

  1. If all heat and consolation races have NOT been finished, a rain-out will be called. Keep your ticket stub to use as your rain check and it will be honored the next week. For special events rain checks will be honored at the next similar date or the rain date as announced by Central Arizona Speedway Management. NO refunds will be given!
  2. If all heat races and consolation races have been completed, it will be considered a completed race. Rain checks will not be honored.
  3. Race may or may not be rescheduled.
  4. These policies apply for General Admission, Reserved and Pit Passes

Central Arizona Speedway Remember.... Central Arizona Speedway is a cash only facility